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July 15, 2019 Silver Spruce Provides Update on Pino de Plata
May 16, 2019 Silver Spruce Receives Additional $200,000 Cash Payment from Croesus Gold (Arizona Mining) On Sale of Kay Mine
May 15, 2019 Silver Spruce Awards Phase I Drilling Contract at Pino de Plata; Drilling to Commence Within Days
May 09, 2019 Silver Spruce Completes Pino de Plata Field Work and Expands High Grade Silver Targets for Phase I Drilling
April 30, 2019 Pino de Plata Sampling Yields 1,278 g/T AgEq; Highest Silver Assay to Date for Silver Spruce
April 09, 2019 Silver Spruce Fieldwork Continues to Expand Drill Target Areas and Identify New Veins at Pino de Plata
April 08, 2019 Silver Spruce Provides Update On Its Kay Mine Interest
March 28, 2019 Silver Spruce Identifies Additional Drill Targets at Pino de Plata
March 27, 2019 Silver Spruce Directors Reconsider Share Consolidation
March 20, 2019 Silver Spruce Mobilizes Field Crews to Refine Drill Targets and Prepare for Maiden Drill Program at Pino de Plata
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